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About PIC

Our mission is to be the leading worldwide supplier of genetic improvement to pork chain customer through innovative and outstanding genetic technology, health and services.


A subsidiary of biotechnology leader Genus plc.  PIC’s business is the genetic improvement of pigs.  In the early 1960s a small group of Oxfordshire pig farms, concerned that the traditional purebred breeders were not producing the right pig for future markets invited a group of scientists to devise a way of producing a better hybrid.  Following their advice, they bought the best pigs they could find and began to improve them by a process of selection.


PIC is able to produce improved breeding stock by identifying desireable traits that are heritable, setting selection objectives and then running intensive breeding programs.  As a result of this process, PIC delivers significant value to its customers in an industry where continual genetic improvement can be a key factor in helping ensure a pig producer remains competitive.


PIC has been delivery this genetic improvement year on year for more than 40 years, during which time is has expanded to 30 countries on six continents.